Paramedic Services

IPRS Aeromed provide a variety of medical services utilising our team of highly experienced paramedics. Services include:

  • Triage
  • Telephone advice
  • On-site medical support to all the Crown and Magistrate courts across the South of England.

Clients benefit from reduced on-site interventions and therefore reduction of service provision costs with our secure triage system, where we evaluate the situation and aim to provide telephone guidance and support unless it is determined that deployment of a medic is absolutely necessary.

Our approach also provides Clients with significant direct cost and time savings by reducing the need for detainee transport and guard resources and reduces the burden on the NHS by substantially reducing the number of people that need to be transferred to hospital.

We are also able to deploy paramedics to other public and private locations such as railway complexes and police stations etc, where there is a need for well-qualified medical personnel on-site to provide rapid first-line response to medical emergencies.  

IPRS Aeromed also has extensive experience in the provision of medical escorts to individuals travelling within the UK or abroad.

Our paramedics have the benefit of many years of experience, having been deployed on numerous types of mission and have earned the trust and respect of our clients in the delivery of a first class clinical and highly courteous service.

Furthermore, IPRS Aeromed also has the unique advantage of all our staff being security cleared to Counter-Terrorism level, which provides our clients with the additional assurance of the highest levels of integrity and trustworthiness.

Please contact our operations team for a quotation:
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